How to effectively view repeated notes

Every week I record three achievements for the week. Right now I have a single note and I keep adding to the bottom of that note. Single note helps me search for info easier. I also like single note because I can see previous week as I am adding a new entry. I would like to add information on top of the note instead, but it is awkward. I realized that if every entry is a new note in a folder, i can sort them in a way that puts new entries on top...

  1. I can not see previous entry as I work on a new one.
  2. i do not know how to limit the search to a single folder to view a particular entry like I can with text search within a note.

Anyone else found a solution in Joplin that works better for this scenario? I saw conversations about multi note view/edit - which is very close...

I am using Mac client.

hi there, I am afraid you lost me. Could you please try and rephrase your question (or be patient and wait a little for somebody else to respond :wink: )

Not quite sure what you are looking for, but concerning your second point, you can limit the search to a single notebook (folder?) by:
notebook:(notebook name)
So, if you are looking for "achievementX" in notebook "weekly" you can search for
achievementX notebook:weekly

I don't think it is possible to look at multiple notes at the same time, though. Maybe someone else will have a better idea :thinking:

Also not sure why you find it is awkward to add information at the top of the note?

Great tip on limitting search.

When adding on top, I need to insert new lines, then move cursor back to the top, and then enter text. Extra key presses make it akward for me. When working with just enetered text, I can also move to the last line (to sart adding the next one) easier if I am making an entry at the bottom.

I see, thanks for the clarification. It makes sense that adding new lines and going back can be cumbersome.

I am on a Windows client, and I find that Joplin remembers where I was before on my note, and I find myself at the bottom of the note if my cursor was there before. Maybe Mac clients have a different behaviour.

Hopefully someone else will have more knowledge.

This is what I have in mind. View of notes is added to the bottom:

I can affect this by sorting the notes.