Set focus to the duplicate, not the original

Yes, it was previously requested but that request got closed without a single reply so I'm requesting it again.

The duplicate note function is very useful although it might be improved. I've found that when I duplicate a note I generally (perhaps 99.99999% of the time) want to edit the newly created note. Unfortunately, the original note is the one with focus and I often (perhaps 50% of the time) modify the original instead of the new note. This tends to screw up the last modified date for that note not to mention leaving a note with "- Copy" tacked on the end.

A competitor of Joplin's does things a bit differently. When a note gets duplicated the focus goes to the new note and the title is automatically selected so the user needs only to hit the "Duplicate" (or whatever the equivalent is) button/menu and start typing.

It would be great if Joplin could at least set the focus to the new note rather than leaving it on the original.


Nice idea, I would stretch it even a little further

  • focus on new (dupli) note,
  • focus not just on title but pre-select the added chars ("- copy") in the title
  • let the user choose (per note or in preferences) whether the created date remains or is changed to today

Yes, I regularly copy notes (the weekly/monthly template) and have learnt to "click on the one at the top that's not in focus because that is the new one I need to edit" but would love to not have to do that :slight_smile:

I agree completely. Please focus on the copy.

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