How to delete cloud data

Hello, I wanted to trial joplin cloud so I signed up for the basic plan.

I want to be able to delete all the cloud data that was uploaded so I can start fresh. I found the topic that mentions to download the plugin victor. I ran this, clicked delete all data, unchecked note history but I still see my storage on joplin cloud has not changed. When I go to Joplin cloud home, it is still showing over 1GB of data storage used. When I go back to the desktop app, there are no notes.

I am using:
Joplin 2.8.8 (prod, win32)
Windows 10 pro

Please advise what else I could try.


Joplin Cloud takes some time before updating the storage information, but if you ran Victor and synchronised most of the data is gone, so you should be able to start over.

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Wow, right after you replied the storage corrected.

Thank you

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