How to clear this error? Last error: Error: DELETE Unknown error 2 (422):

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    1.2.6 Linux

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    Not an upgrade

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    Ubuntu 20.04

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    Instructions are incorrect. There is no such menu option as " Help > Open Profile Directory"

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This file does not exist in my WebDAV storgage. I use only two clients so I assume one deleted it and the other didn't get the message.

This happened first thing in the morning when I have not been using either instance of Joplin for at least 10 hours. They were both showing recent sync times so they both should have been up to date.

How do I clear this error? I Need to tell the desktop client that file really is gone and stop trying to delete it at every sync.

Thank you.

I ended up creating an empty file with that name in my WebDAV directory and syncing the desktop client. It deleted the empty file and stopped complaining.

But it's unclear to me how it happened in the first place. Especially beause I am new enough to Joplin that I can still keep all my notes in my head. Because of that, I know I am not missing any notes that I should not be.

I'd like to know if there is a better way to clear this type of sync error. In the absence of knowing the root cause, I expect it to happen again.

Now that I have been using Joplin for a while, I can confirm that this happens every few days. I need to manually create a file by the name it is trying to delete. I never lose data that I am aware of, so it does not appear to be a valid data file.

But it breaks Joplin sync every damn time. It hits this fail to delete error then stops syncing. It's a fairly big problem because of this.

Anyone have any clue at all how to t-shoot why it is trying to delete a random filename that doesn't seem to exist?

Same error here.

I'm under Ubuntu 20.10 and I used Joplin on windows 10 before. The WebDav synching failed with error:

Last error: Error: DELETE locks/exclusive_desktop_df0b22e346e5429385f8cfeda247b1c3.json: Unknown error 2 (405): <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN"> <html><head> <title>405 Method Not Allowed</title> </head><body> <h1>Method Not Allowed</h1> <p>The requested method DELETE is not allowed for the URL /locks/exclusive_desktop_df0b22e346e5429385f8cfeda247b1c3.json.</p> </body></html>

But unfortunately soot's solution not working for me. I have created the exclusive_desktop_df0b22e346e5429385f8cfeda247b1c3.json file in the lock folder, and change the permission, but nothing. The problem is still.

Anybody, any Idea, why happened this and how can we fix it?

What WebDAV server is it? If the file doesn't exist it should throw a 404 error, not 405, so it seems the WebDAV implementation is faulty. I'm not willing to "fix" this issue (that would be a hack actually) in Joplin because it could hide other actual errors.

I changed my WebDAV backend to my NextCloud instance and the issue went away. So it does appear to be a problem with your WebDAV provider.

I was using Drive HQ when I was having this issue.

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I'm using Synology's WebDav server, so I think the problem is not the type of the WebDav server. (Because soot uses Drive HQ)

hi, I'm new Joplin user switching from Evernote. I too use Synology´s WebDav server and experienced same 405 issue as bearbite. I found out that just adding "/home" to end of webdav url fixes my 405 issue, like ...


It seems that without /home writing occurs to root namespace instead of user home directory. Original solution discussion can be found from

hope this helps others with Synology WebDav and Joplin.


I get the same thing. The way I've been fixing it is going into the sqllite database (I use DB Browser for SQLLite) then into the deleted_items table. Filtering the list using the .md filename and then manually deleting the rows (with DB Browser you do have to hit the "Write Changes" button for commit). I'm syncing with DriveHQ, and using both Windows and Android. I have a sneaking suspicion it is deleting an item in Android that is triggering the issue, but that's just because I did that this morning and today was the first time I checked the sync on my windows machine and it bombed. I had deleted the welcome files from Joplin that come with the mobile app.

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Dear all,

this also worked for me. Thanks!


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