How to change/set default notebook in iOS

Joplin 10.4.1, Database v34, iOS 14.2

Each time I launch the app, I must select “All notes” before doing anything else. This is because a project-specific notebook is the default at launch. I don’t remember whether I selected it as the default or it just happened to be the the first notebook I worked in using the iOS app. I cannot find a way to change the default notebook.

Hi Muscogulus,
I tried with iOS 12.5. Here is what happens: let's say I have a number notebooks, and a few notes in each of them. Now I select nb3 and n4, and quit Joplin. When I open Joplin again, it shows me the same nb (#3) but the first note in that nb.
And no, there is no selection or preference of a default notebook in Joplin. It just always opens the last nb.