Starting up in different notebooks?

I'm new to Joplin, just migrated from Evernote and loving the software!

Just a quick question though:

When I start up Joplin, it always shows a notebook that I did not work on lately. And on different machines Joplin will start up in different notebooks?! Is it possible to select a favorite notebook to start up with? Or start up in "All notes"?

I've not tried it but there is a plugin that lets you set a specific note to open at startup.

If you want to try it it can be installed by going to Tools > Options > Plugins and searching for Home Note.

This doesn't sound right. There is no synchronisation between different Joplin installations in this aspect, however the application should still open at your last working state (on that device). Does it open at a completely unrelated note? Please keep in mind that I'm only talking about the desktop release here, not the mobile app.

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It does open on the last edited note if you stay on the same device, now you mention it.

I would still like to voice support for a config feature that lets me open a "default" notebook upon starting the app, at least for mobile, where I mostly use a sort of "tasks to do while not at home" notebook.


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