How link to other joplin note in a joplin html formatted note

Hello, is there a way to link another note and to put this in a href element ?
I can write the path to local files to execute in href element but how link to other note in html element to open a new note when i click on html button for example ?
Thank you and …really a well done application this joplin…


Note that links work in both HTML and Markdown code. So you can have:

[Link to my note](:/0b0d62d15e60409dac34f354b6e9e839)


<a href=":/0b0d62d15e60409dac34f354b6e9e839">Link to my note</a>

in html mode

<td align="left">
<a href=":/80743ebbae814b828d84a354d9996bbd">Link to my note</a>

I get an error

the note ID is correct

this is the joplin version I use (portable on pendrive)

to link other note in html this call works but doesn’t on android

<td nowrap>
<a href="#" onclick="ipcProxySendToHost(&quot;joplin://80743ebbae814b828d84a354d9996bbd&quot;); return false;" type="">Link to my note</a>