Links to other notes in exported HTML

I’d like to export a notebook to standalone HTML, which could then be hosted on a website. However, although both images and files work in the exported code, links between notes don’t work. Currently, when I serve the exported files using e.g. Python’s HTTP server, or http-server from node, the links don’t point anywhere.

In the HTML output, the link is of this format:

<a data-from-md data-resource-id='3206af7b7b5e4d5593964606995c32b3' title='' href='#' type=''>Link text</a>

Could links between notes perhaps be changed to relative paths in the exported HTML files? Or am I missing something that would make the links work?


Bump…what’s the status of this? Is it not a feature, or is it not planned to be a feature? Or am I missing a setting somewhere that enables it?

Not implemented yet.

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Alright. Thanks!

I was getting ready to post this exact request, I’m glad it has already been asked.

I hope it ends up being implemented, I feel it would greatly improve the usefulness of the exported data.


I would also love to see this feature implemented. I expect it would not require a ton of effort, and would massively increase joplin's accessibility by allowing export of whole notebooks into a format browsable by someone without joplin.
I would personally find this very useful, as a way of publishing my (inter-linked) lab notebook to a local website for others in my lab (who don't have joplin) to reference.

This feature would put Joplin at the top of the chart, imo.

So far, I haven't seen any wiki-building apps that can actually export to HTML and build a web wiki with, besides Joplin, but the internal links don't work right now.

Obsidian's Publish is the only other way to easily create a Wiki-type collection of notes and make them accessible online as-is without hassle. (EDIT: I found a guide that describes how to convert .md to a usable html, but requires more technical knowledge to do)
Besides Publish being expensive, this has limitations like no deeper site design. I wouldn't need to frequently update posted Wikis so I wouldn't mind the step of actually hosting a collection of pages, as long as they can link between each other without needing to re-write the articles.

Wouldn't it be good if there were an option like

publish & link all internally linked documents


This is a somewhat leaky abstraction when you are publishing and think everything will work as intended but actually doesn't?

I previously achieved a similar effect with vuepress/docsify exported by joplin-blog, which exports joplin's notes as hierarchical markdown notes, which are then rendered as a website via a third-party framework. refer to:

The latest I am creating is mami, which is no longer limited to joplin export by design, but connects multiple markdown-based note-taking, blog or wiki tools, already supports exporting to joplin => hugo/hexo/obsidian, but obsidian => joplin currently Still in progress, reference:

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It could make Joplin the most popular note taking app... Who can implement that?

Hi all,

Re-opening this issue as I've encountered it in a new context. Feel free to let me know if this isn't warranted :thumbsup: :thumbsdown:

Relative paths are already implemented in markdown "export all"; any Joplin Note ID formatted as an "inline link" is automatically converted to the relative path of the target export directory. Works very well! However, when Note ID's are formatted with "reference link" syntax (as per CommonMark), they aren't parsed in the same way. Instead, they're exported as unaltered Joplin Note ID's.

This limits Joplin's capacity to be a "future-proof" & "portable" application. Reason being, for anyone using the (much neater) "reference link" syntax in their markdown, Joplin doesn't actually preserve note links in plaintext exports. This is because, as outlined above, the relative local path of the note is ignored & only the app-dependent Joplin Note ID is exported.

This issue can be reproduced with the following steps:

  1. Create two new Notes within Joplin & name them "referrer" & "referee", respectively.
  2. Paste the "referee's" Joplin ID into the "referrer" Note, formatted as a Reference Link AND then as an Inline Link.
  3. "Taskbar--->Export All" as either "MD-Markdown" or "MD-Markdown+Front Matter".
  4. Open the exported "referrer" Note with any plaintext editor & you will notice...
    4a. The Inline Link to the "referree" Note has been succesfully parsed as the relative filepath.
    4b. The Reference Link to the "referree" Note hasn't been parsed the same way. It remains a Joplin Note ID, which doesn't refer to anything unless used within Joplin.

Example Syntax:

[Reference Link syntax][ID-Ref]    

[ID-Ref]: :/"Joplin-Note-ID"   

[Inline Link syntax](:/"Joplin-Note-ID")   

All this to say, I'm adding my voice to the crowd asking for deeper implementation of 'relative paths' when exporting Notebooks. Could this feature be within scope for 2024?

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