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How Joplin team works

Hello! I am interested how big is the core team. What roles are there (marketers, UX/UI designers, developers, ...).
How many hours in a day the team spend on Joplin?
Are donations enough to pay salary to every member?

And many more questions. Would someone from the core team mind to have a call with me?

Any reason you need to know this? I'm asking because now and then someone comes here asking this kind of questions and they've never been around before, so I'm just curious about the reasons behind this.

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Notes taking is related to managing our thoughts. Managing our thoughts is a part of learning. I'm interested in learning field and have been developing one project idea. One day, I found that startups don't have to be founded by investors. From time to time I was seeing that different people start doing something because they want and because they know that they woke up in a morning not for making money but for showing other people that this life is not about money only. I appreciate what you and your team is doing (assuming that you don't have hidden partnerships with a government or investors).