Web Clipper Service question

Is there a way to run the clipper service in the background without running the app?

Or Is it possible to use the Web Clipper without running the service?

Sorry if this is a newb question I tried searching the internet but found nothing.

Jolin Version: 1.0.199 (prod, linux)
OS: Void Linux
Clipper Version: 1.0.25

Nope, the app must be running.

However, you can also run a server with the terminal (cli) application.

I tried the cli app. But was unable to run the clipper service from there.
How do you run the clipper service from the cli?

Maybe you need to enable the clipper? The easiest if bit hacky way is to open the desktop app, enable the clipper and then copy the profile directory over to where the cli app expects it.

Maybe try the CLI server command, but not sure if it will work with the clipper as it wasn’t made for that.

$ joplin help server
server <command>

    Start, stop or check the API server. To specify on which port it should run, set the api.port
    config variable. Commands are (start|stop|status). This is an experimental feature - use at your
    own risks! It is recommended that the server runs off its own separate profile so that no two
    CLI instances access that profile at the same time. Use --profile to specify the profile path.
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Thanks for the help.

joplin server start

starts the server.

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