How do I change one drive account used for synchronizing?

I really like Joplin, thanks to everyone working on it!
I hope this question isn’t to stupid:

I’m using:
Joplin 12.3
IOS & Linux mint cinnamon(Ubuntu/Debian based)

I have 2 OneDrive accounts (school and personal) and I accidentally used different ones when trying to sync my iOS to my pc. But I can’t figure out how to change the OneDrive account being used (neither on my iPhone nor on my desktop? Is there anyway of just resetting the sync options.

FYI all my notes are on my iPhone. I recently accidentally deleted my partition on pc that’s why I reinstalled Joplin and connected the wrong account. Idk if that’s relevant

If you go into the Options, there is a Synchronization section where your target, URL, username and password are set. Is this what you are asking about?

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