Changing Credentials for OneDrive

I want to change my OneDrive password, but I'm not sure about the implications for Joplin (Windows V. 2.8.8 and iOS V. 12.8.1, encryption enabled). Is it correct that I'm not going to be prompted for the new password and have to wipe out local storage in each and every client? That's what I infer from this thread:

I don't think you will need to change anything in Joplin. This case is different than the other topic, where the user was going to change the whole OneDrive account.

Of course, always have an emergency backup ready in case something goes wrong.

Thanks a lot: That's good news for me, as the issue could'nt be resolved as yet:

Just to make sure: Will I have to re-run the sync wizard as described in the thread just quoted? Backups galore are at hand thanks to the great Simple Backup plugin installed on all my desktop clients.

I think I've made things more complicated as they are: If I understand you correctly, my Joplin login tokens for OneDrive will still be valid, even if I change my OneDrive password. That's the reason why I (hopefully) don't have to do anything…

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