Syncronization - OneDrive

  • ver. 1.0.175 (prod, Linux)

  • Crostini (Linux - Debian)

By mistake i setup OneDrtive with a wrong account.
I want to change it, but i can’t get Joplin to ask for the OneDrive account again?
I have tried to change to another sync methode (filesystem), and then changed back to OneDrive sync. But somewhere Joplin stores my old login credentials from the first login?

I have been looking in setupfiles to reset this, but i cant find anywhere, where i can get Joplin to log in to onedrive again?

Is there a way to reset the syncronization settings?

Found the solution
I removed (renamed) the folders Joplin and joplin-desktop under the .config/ folder

Then i started Joplin from scratch, and i could select a new login.

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hi, Thank you so much. I have deepin (Debian), and I can't find how to delete the Onedrive credentials. Do you know how I can do it? Thank you