How can I search for a note without a tag or that is not in any notebook

For me, notebooks and tags are a good way to organize, find and work with my notes. Sometimes I just create a note and after a while I associate it with a specific notebook or tag. Is it possible to find notes that has no tag or that is not associate do any notebook?

I am using v1.2.6 on Ubuntu 20.04 and installed Joplin from Snaps.

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-tag:* returns all notes without tags.


You can find notes without tags.
But is it possible to have a note not associated with a notebook?

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Nope. A note is always in a notebook.


It is worthwhile to spend some time (perhaps two or three times), on the home page manual with the section on search. I actually copied that section and made a note (tag: Joplin). The search is really quite flexible.


@btovar I'm one day old today, so none of my junk test notes have tags yet.

But I found untagged notes by Gtrl-G

(The mnemonic for the "G" is "Goto")

Of course, I might have misunderstood your query :frowning:


You can enter the mentioned searches from simply in the search field.

For those who found this page via google, yes notes can be without a notebook (unintentionally but possible)

You can find them and get them back to a notebook by using this search query: -notebook:*


Thanks. I found notes created on my iPhone always fall into outside of existing notebooks, making it really hard to find those notes later on other device. Your search string works.