How can I get involved in the development of Joplin?

I’m currently a university student and I’ve been using Joplin this past semester to take notes. I’ve really come to like the software since it’s cross platform and has better inline code and LaTeX support then OneNote.

Since my original plans for the summer were cancelled due to the pandemic, I’m looking for an open source project that I can get involved with, and I thought Joplin could be perfect. I’ve read through the contributing page and I’ll probably start by seeing if I can fix any bugs after I get familiar with the codebase. However, two features I wish Joplin would have is a tab with a table of contents based on the headers in a file, as well the option to highlight the text / line you have selected in the editor tab on the preview tab. I feel both features would help ease in keeping track of where you are in a document with a lot of images, as the two windows become misaligned. I didn’t notice any feature requests for that on the issue tracker, so could I eventually take a shot at implementing that? If so, what would the process be?

Feature requests should be discussed on the forum first.

However, there are certain bugs that should be fixed first before adding any new major features.