Collaboration Support

Hi thanks for giving us an almost perfect note taking app and making it open source, I have been searching for this for last 4 years.

I think an easy way to setup collaboration would be to support syncing through Github where you just accept Pull request to make changes to your note.
Also, no support of proxy server makes app useless at my workplace, please take this feature as priority.


I second the github sync,

Personally i use git in terminal to make pull into a dir and edit with Joplin then commit in terminal. So i technically have two backups, Dropbox and git.

It’d be nice to be able to save a step and pull/commit from joplin

Just found Joplin a month ago and collapsed my note-taking from about six different platforms to joplin with several coworkers and friends following suite after I introduced them to the platform.

One of the critical features currently missing from joplin is collaboration; particularly with a web interface that allows for live, asynchronous editing by multiple users in a single document.

I work in the tech industry (security) and do tons of of coding and providing technical leadership, so I understand how challenging of a task that is. This is ... absolutely not a point of criticism. Even without this feature, I've still scrapped all the other tools (vim-wiki, google docs, evernote, github wikis, etc) that I use to take notes and collaborate with others to make joplin my primary note-taking tool.

The only area where I can't meet my basic needs in a way that is a road-block, is in terms of collaboration - but because - because it's so great in every other way and I greatly believe in supporting open-source projects ... and it appears obvious that the development team has put tons of work into creating an open and extensible platform through the development of a robust API and extension interface ... I really, really hope that this feature is highly prioritized.

I also hope that this is approached in a flexible, extensible way (the way everything else appears to be), specifically:

  • If possible, leverage an existing version control system to back this; i.e. git.
  • Allow for synchronization with a git server, maybe through the use of githooks; freeing users from the reliance on proprietary platforms.
  • The ability to maintain version history of notes, allowing for rollbacks and conflict resolution.
  • Allow for the synchronization partial notebooks.

On that last point, here's the use-case, particularly with collaboration efforts. I currently use joplin to track notes w/ work, personal, and misc. projects. Having a backup of all this is important, but when I want to share some of my notes with a coworker ... I have to manually copy and paste or export the things I want and provide them to them as a snapshot in time.

If I could simply select a particular notebook and synchronize that with a git repository, then they would have all that information directly at their fingertips without that overhead. It wouldn't allow for simultaneous collaboration; but it would provide a mechanism that allows me to 'share' a notebook with a coworker and push/pull our changes.

Would love to see this capability in the future!

So, if you really need it, you can consider using vscode as an external editor, and then use the live-share plug-in of vscode, which is a very powerful collaborative editing tool

ms live share about:
vscode live share plugin:

I created a shared note that can be edited, you can try to edit it together (you can try it on your browser, Without login)

Well, anonymous users can only view it. However, you only need a github/microsoft account to log in

However, vscode can only support currently opened joplin notes. If this feature is really used by many people, it may be better to implement joplin through plug-ins.