How Am I supposed to find Notebooks when adding notes?

I thought this was note program for many many notes... When I Am adding new note, there is no ctrl+f to find existing Notebooks. It is taking forever! Also in Joplin app: it is not possible to find Notebooks using ctrl+f. And before you say: use tags. I need both! I have already so many I can't even find them...

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Crt+F = Search in current note do you mean F6 = Search in all the notes, when yes use filters like notebook:projects.


No, as I said:

  1. when adding new notes via browser plugin, I can't find existing Notebooks to add notes to them. Because I have already many of them. I read a lot of different stuff, so I will have naturally a lot of them!
  2. In Joplin I can't also find existing Notebooks, I wanted to create note in some, when I typed into search field it found only notes and not existing notebooks!

Love your tone, and how you start with 'as I said', then talk about the browser plugin you have not mentioned before.
Yes, filtering in that list would be nice.

As for your second point: use the 'go-to anything' feature, ctr+p by default.
When you enter @notebook name, you can go straight to that notebook.

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I was talking normally, it is only your impression... There is no tone on the internet BTW. Wasn't that obvious? I said note right! But you add mostly from browser so... But I give you this point to be fair.

Yeah but I don't even remember notebook names, as I have too many, I read everything from A to Z...

I love BTW sensitivity of today peoples on the internet! Only someone saying: "as I said" and people get near breakdown! (Not saying you specifically!). But why would care so much is the question? Never mind that, can we just talk facts?

I don't know how people with 20k notes are doing it! From drop down menu: it takes too long to find Notebooks!

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I almost never clip from the web. Some people never do.

One thing I have seen is that people use Joplin in so many different ways that when requesting support we need to be very explicit. Never assume that anyone uses Joplin the way you do! :grin:

So, it sounds like you arent actually looking for a search option but something that lists the notebooks alphabetically? You could make a specific feature request for that.

TBF, you first asked for searching and then you said you cant remember the names. So it isnt surprising that we would be unclear what you are asking for.


Sure I meant plugin, but I wrote note - my bad!

Ah so there is no option?! I Already made one support request, but that is not gonna do anything... I heard people having 20k notes, this is weird! Even alphabet I would never find fitting notebooks. I need to be able to us ctrl+f that is the only way. I read literally about everything which exists...

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What do you envision beyond within the Desktop version beyond:
Ctrl-p for go to anywhere
@ to search for notebooks
type letters imagined to be in the notebooks name.
This does a filtered search for those letters anywhere in the notebook title and lists them along with their higher level notebooks so you see where that notebook is within the hierarchy.

How would you improve on that for your purposes?

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Do you mean the notebook selection in the Web Clipper Chrome/Firefox Extension? i.e. you are hunting for a particular notebook within this dropdown?
If so then I believe the order in that list is the same as the order you define in the main Joplin app.

As a couple of people have answered already, you can use ctrl + p and @notebookname to jump to a notebook or F6 and noteboook: notebookname to seach only for notes within a given notebook. Both are detailed on the readme.


I think they want that feature, or something like it, directly in the web clipper.

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This works, as it puts me to that category. But it can be hard to see, if there are many entries. Maybe just directly search for notebooks? Like (some modifier like @)notebookname

Again I have too many of them, impossible to find out in meaningful time frame!

@notebookname - this is actually worse, than just searching directly fore notebookname (without @)! Former shows from every category!

Yea. I found out about Joplin because I heard people have 10th of thousands of notes, so I thought it will be viable for me. This would be nice, inevitably if you use Joplin long enough, this becomes problem.

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Not quite sure what you mean by this. If I had 3 notebooks in one parent notebook called Book1 and Book2 and a third notebook in a second parent also called Book1, if I do a goto search (ctrl/cmd + p) and type @Book then it shows all three, if I type @Book1 it only displays the two called "Book1" but shows their full notebook path (i.e. the parent books) underneath.
What exactly do you mean by "shows from every category" in relation to the goto search?


I think that people who have that many notes probably have a robust folder system that they organize in a way that they can manage. Obviously some people can do it so you may want to focus on developing your own strategy.

An alternative, if you find that the webclipper doesn't give you the search you need, you could create a folder that you clipped to and then organized once you got to joplin.

If other people can manage that many notes on Joplin, I'm sure you can too. You may want to start a thread, "What is your method of managing 10,000 notes."

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LOL it doesn't show any notebooks for me. Instead it shows multiple notes from multiple Notebooks! When I write @notebookname

With amount I read I would kill myself :smiley: Problem is I read about everything from A-Z...

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Porting from Evernote = 11,138 notes, 17 notebooks, 413 tags. Feel free to ask away, although I suspect you won't like the answers.

I don't understand what's taking so long in your web clipper. If I click on the notebook drop list and type a letter I'm moved to notebooks starting with that letter. If I click on "Add tag" it searches returns tags containing the letters I've typed. (E.g., typing "mu" returns "emulators" as well as "music".) If you don't even remember the initial letter of a notebook's name, however, I don't know what to tell you except I don't consider that Joplin's fault.


Something doesn't quite make sense here unless there is some kind of bug or delay when searching that many notebooks. Just to check (sorry if this is teaching you to suck eggs but it might be valuable to replicate if the goto search just stops working over x number of notebooks).
Ctrl/Cmd + p to bring up the goto search and type @notebookname should bring up anything that matches what you type. e.g.:

If you type the full/correct name then it only brings back those exact matches and tells you the parent notebooks if applicable:

The @ symbol should be forcing Joplin to only look at notebook names, it doesnt make sense that it would be bringing back matches for notes within notebooks unless you aren't using the goto search - that is the kind of behaviour I would expect from the "normal" F6 search: i.e. this:

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This replies to the whole challenge.
I use 1 (one) notebook (named --clipped-- thus easy to locate) in the desktop app and insert all clips in there.
Later on I add tags or change titles as appropriate and move them to the preferred notebook.
Hope this helps :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I read literally millions of articles from A-Z that's why...

There was small : I didn't see automatically pasted when I pressed ctrl+p :smiley: Now it shows. Ty!

I was thinking, this program has plugins. How hard it would be to modify joplin's browser plugin, so it supports ctrl+f? I don't know anything about plugins' programming.