Show notebook name on note, cli app

Hello, is there a way to show which notebook a open note belongs too using the cli app, thanks

You've made a good point. If you also write why you need this feature, it can be taken into consideration.

Thanks for the reply, I would say the reason is finding where the note is, when you search you can only see the note and there's no way to tell which book that note belongs to, what I'm doing right now is moving the note to a specific book so I can find the note in a book :cry: , If I knew which book that note belongs to I would not have to do that

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Thank you too. Do you use the tag system?

no, I know what it is but I never used it

Understood. Initially, I didn't pay much attention to it either. But now, I have around 300 tags. It's truly one of the best features of Joplin. It can assist you in categorization.

Thank you, maybe there's a better way for me to organize my notes, right now I use books as a way of grouping notes that belong to the same subject, and my idea of tags is a way of linking notes across subjects(books)