OneDrive sync not working anymore, please suggest other better sync methods

I need to sync between two computers (one running Ubuntu and the other Windows). I had been using a free OneDrive account for this purpose, however it completely stopped working a few weeks ago. Even when it was working, it was slow and often had issues (like sometimes sync just wouldn't happen). I am not sure if the problems (the current problem as well as the recurring minor issues) are with Joplin or OneDrive, but I'm a bit frustrated at this point and thinking if I should switch to a different sync method which will work better than OneDrive.

Any suggestions? These are the ones I researched a bit about.

  1. NextCloud/WebDAV: I know these are often recommended, but do these necessarily work better, have less issues and are faster in general? To be clear, I am not planning to self host a storage server, but will probably go with something like pCloud or some other provider offering free storage.

  2. Syncthing: I read about many people using Syncthing for synchronization, but it will not work for me because my two computers are rarely online at the same time.

  3. DropBox: Don't want to use it (free account only offers 2GB, plus there are probably other restrictions).

  4. Anything else??

Please share your thoughts on what would be a good method for synchronization (within the constraints I listed above). Thanks.

I was originally using a free NextCloud provider but I had huge problems with the service being down, file locking and a bunch of other issues with barely any support (as it was free).
I'm currently self hosting a NextCloud server on a RPi which I find is far more reliable (not a single problem so far) and I have storage only limited by what I have plugged into the RPi. Problem is that it is slow and that is a problem with the NextCloud protocols not Joplin or my server.

Joplin Cloud is an option if you want to support the project as well as having a fast sync.

If you want to remain on free providers and not self hosted then some form of WebDAV is probably your best bet but at a free tier you are always going to have some tradeoffs.

Thanks. Which free provider were you using?

What does RPi stand for? I' guessing it's some self hosting platform/hardware. How much did it cost? Just trying to get an idea. If it's cheap enough (probably less than $100), I might consider it, although I still prefer not to have the hassle of self hosting (given how few notes I currently have and none of them have any real critical information).

Since you are self hosting anyway and complaining about NextCloud being slow, maybe you can try Seafile. I haven't used it myself, but I read that it's very fast (much faster than NextCloud). I think you can use it through WebDAV.

RPi = Raspberry Pi so yeah, cheap. The main hassle I had was surrounding setting up noIP and the letscert certificate. The rest was really straightforward.

I was using, somebody else on the forum also had issues with them and file locking.

At some point when I can be bothered I'm going to move my Joplin sync to a Joplin server instance. NextCloud is slow for Joplin (desktop - the protocols work fine for mobile) but doesn't really cause me any issues unless I'm syncing an entirely new client.

Hi Jee
For your information, I am using OneDrive without any issue so far. (Crossing my fingers). Mainly I am using Joplin desktop (Ubuntu 20.04) synchronizing with my iphone, and eventually with other 2 ipads in all the cases with no issues.

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