History of the evolution of notes to monitor possible (bad) things


I've been having very recently some problems upgrading joplin in archlinux. This led me to unstalled some not working versions of joplin and open the app in order to see if it was working or not. Now, I wondering if something bad happened like deleting notes or modifying some notes etc...

I have one solution which is to run joplin and import the jex file I made before upgrading and compare the synchronization status (not so shure that it shows anything if synchronization is not configured). I was wondering if they were a smarter solution?

I use version 2.6.10 on archlinux based on aur joplin bin package that uses the appimage.

There's a mechanism to prevent the app from opening newer profiles it's not compatible with. So if you were able to open the profile then it means it's compatible and the app didn't have lost any data.

Ok. THe most frightening aspect of the thing is that some notes or maybe many notes were having additional line with one or more "x". They seems to have disappeared no with the appimage package of archlinux.

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