Help me to clean my joplin app files (not an issue with the app)

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  • The version you are using: 2.6.10(appimage)
  • The operating system you are using: Manjaro 21.2.1

Hi, I unistalled Joplin some weeks ago because I couldn't update it anymore, I was using the AUR version of the app, and had issues to update for a node dependency which was installed but pamac doesn't allowed me to update anyway. I'm sorry if I'm not clear enough, english is not my native language.

The error was this: node-gyp>=8.41

Ok that doesn't care anymore I unistalled Joplin, try to find another note app, but I really like how works Joplin, so I couldn't find any other which serves to my needs and that was trusty. So talking with a friend who uses joplin and Arch Linux he talks me that the Appimage worked just fine for him so I downloaded and I'm back using joplin from that Appimage. Everything is fine, I have no issues, but my question is:

When I start Joplin I still have all my syncs, notes, configs etc, even when I did a deep clean of the system after uninstall, I guess I forget to clean my .config folder, but now checking I have this folders related to Joplin:


and the app image. My question is which of these folder are needed for the app image to work correctly? I don't want to delete my configuration nor my dropbox sync, just clean of any thing from the old AUR app that could cause issues in the future.

Thanks in advance!

.config/@joplin - Caching files for electron, you can delete this but it will be re-created automatically (I know it's annoying).
.config/joplin - This is usually the Joplin files for a terminal based Joplin installation. If you're still using the terminal application leave this alone, otherwise safe to delete.
.config/joplin-desktop - This is where notes/config for the AppImage application are stored. Don't Delete.

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