Hide Toolbar and open to side

coming from own markdown folders for notes and using them with vscode, I really enjoy Joplin as one synced place for all the notes to be organized (knowing in the background they still are plain .mds).

Two features that I am missing though is the option to hide the two "toolbars" on the left and only be left with the text-window. Especially when using Joplin in windowed mode, the toolbars are wasted monitor space.
In addition, being able to open several files side by side (e.g only two) would also be very handy.

Best regards and thank you for such a nice app already!

I believe they can be toggled in the "View" menu (if not that one, it will be another). By default they're toggled with the F10 and F11 keys as well.


Just to point out that they are... kinda? They are stored as markdown documents in a single sqlite database, the sync target files are .md files but they aren't a 1:1 version of your notes, they contain metadata like notebook folders and events. You can't edit these in other applications as you will likely break your sync target.

Thank you! That helped me a lot.
The issue with multitab / open to side still stands though.