Hey Everyone, I am Kushagra Sharma

I have a good experience with open source
github username- skushagra9

I am interested in these projects:

  1. Improve PDF export
  2. PDF annotations
  3. OCR plugin

Please let me know the next steps

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Make sure you're looking at Joplin's GSoC GitHub repository for the list of project ideas. Until recently, the list of GSoC ideas on Joplin's website was still from 2023. Since then, several ideas (for example OCR) have been implemented.

ah nice, I wanted to work on the project either way starting now +- one month but google summer of code is even better. @personalizedrefriger @laurent can you explain me how it works.

I had some proposals I was planning to work on. Would also love to work a bit more with ocr.

You might find the following resources to be helpful:

Edit: @Wladefant As included in the recommended GSoC contributors steps, please consider creating your own GSoC post with project ideas. It is possible to propose your own project :slight_smile: .

I see, but I can propose things too right. I wanted to do the intuitive approach to the viewers for example

@personalizedrefriger why are all these people writing at the same time, was there some kind of event or something and why exactly are they doing this?

Participating organizations have been announced yesterday.