Help to activate a new Android device

Hi, I have Joplin under Windows 10 and now i want to activate an Adroid device. How can i do it?

Do you have sync enabled to any cloud service on Windows 10?

In that case you just have to download Joplin from Google Play and set up sync using the same cloud service. The first sync takes some time.

If you havent setup sync with a cloud service yet do that first. You can use Nextcloud, OneDrive, Dropbox or WebDAV.

Yes, I synchronized using Dropbox on Windows 10. But the synchronization is not found.
I have activated two Android devices, they are synchronizing.
Unfortunately, Windows 10 does not work.

I think we need some more details here.

How did you setup the sync on Windows 10? Did you set Dropbox as a sync target in Joplin on Windows 10 (check in the settings)? Or do you just use the file system as a target and you selected a Dropbox folder? The second is not working!

And a little word of warning: Please do a backup of your notes before you start the sync. From my understanding you have a important notes on Android and Windows? In that case please backup your notes before you sync them. It is unlikely but possible that you overwrite them.

Yes, I created sync in Windows 10 via Dropbox as a sync target in Joplin on Windows 10. The synchronization in Windows 10 works.
I've already backed up my data - that's no problem.

And the two android devices use the same Dropbox account as sync target and sync independent of the Windows 10 computer? (That shouldn’t be possible)

Sorry for asking that many questions but you don’t give that much information.

I am sorry if I am very reluctant to give my information. This is due to my poor knowledge of English.
Right, the two Android applications use the same account. However, the synchronization only works with Android devices.
Linking the Windows files would be important to me.

Please post the Logfile (%userprofile%\.config\joplin-desktop\log.txt)

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Sorry, the search took a little longer.
Just how can I attach the file?

Drag and drop the file in the editor or upload the file.

Uploading: log.txt...
Sorry, that file is too big (maximum size is 4096kb). Why not upload your large file to a cloud sharing service, then paste the link?

Is this a question to your self?

I don't have a sharing cloud

i have whatsapp

if you give me a phone-number?

  • Zip the file
  • Use a search engine [example]
  • ...

I'm not

Surely not

okay, i zip the file and need a email-adress, please (1.7 MB)

The sync for the Windows 10 device is working fine.
The android phones sync with each other?
Did you use the same Dropbox account on Windows and Android?