Help to activate a new Android device

I am afraid you are right.
Is there a way to find out under which email address the synchronization is made?

You can check all your accounts for Apps/Joplin folder. This will tell you which accounts are connected to Joplin. Then you just create a note on one device and see in which account it ends up.

Sorry, I don't understand? Do you mean checking accounts within Joplin?

By the way, the waiting breaks are a nice game; o)
Who can come up with something like that?

Isn't it easier to back up everything, then delete all data on Joplin and then create a new account and import the data again?

Now I don't get any more resonance?
I hope that I didn't offend anyone with my joke - if it does, I apologize.
If someone else wants to take care of my problem, I'll be happy about it!

Please give us some time to answer, we are not active in the form 24/7 :smiley:

I am also not sure what @roman_r_m means. You could just log into your Dropbox account on the web and check the notes in the Applications/Joplin folder (if you havent enabled encryption). Just open one note, check the content and check if it belongs to the Android or Windows installations.

You than use the same Dropbox account as a sync target for the devices that are not synced. (You have to backup your notes and reinstall Joplin for that. At least I think that is the easiest way for a re-sync)

That's what I meant, yes. Sorry for not being clear enough.

It may be but backing up Android is not trivial.

Thank you for contacting us again:
... I meant that it is certainly easier to save everything and then re-import it in order to bypass the user data (which I no longer know).
In order to then create a new user and thus get access to desktop - Android - Android.

Thanks for your support.
I have now decided on an easier way and have turned my back on DROPBOX.
At Microsoft, the change was a minor one.
Again thank you very much!

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