Help: How can I get images to display? (Webclipper / Notes)

Joplin 1.0.199 (prod, win32)
Sync Version: 1
Profile Version: 28
Revision: 53a857b7 (master)

I’m sure it’s something simple, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get images to display inline.
Going here:

And using ‘Clip Selection’ gives me:
(same happens with simplified page, and the experimental html, nothing displays images!)

I can’t figure out how to get the .png to render. Any idea what I may be doing wrong?
Here’s what’s in the console log:

If I click on that (BPI-M1 26 pin.png) it opens up correctly, despite the above saying it’s not found. (Line 12 there in the console log)
I’m batting 0 for 2 on this; the other day, I tried retrieving, and it also didn’t grab the image there; it wasn’t important, so I didn’t look further, but in this case, obviously, this is crucial content.

Thanks for any help!

I have issues clipping with images as well. On some of my Confluence wiki pages, clipping with the Joplin web clipper doesn’t include the image/diagram (I tried all the clipping methods).

I know it’s possible because the Evernote web clipper can clip the web page completely and retains the layout/format exactly.


The ones I clipped that didn’t show up, showed up after closing Joplin — eventually. The trace showing DNS issues is weird; I’m not savvy enough to know what’s happening, so was hopeful someone that does would have piped in here.

Mine always works, but the clipper doesn’t do a good job of including images (on some pages) and the layout doesn’t look like the original.

I like Joplin because of markdown and simplicity, but I’ll have to find a workaround for web clipping. Found a “universal” clipper as a chrome extension called “Web Clipper” which integrates with Joplin also. It seems to do a better job but it’s still not exactly what I want.

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Try “Clip complete page (HTML)” clipping method. This one is similar to the one for Evernote (except that you cannot select what to include) so it’s a good option. It’s a bit slow though so hopefully that improves in the final release (this option is still beta).