[Help] all notes are encrypted after device change

Desktop version: 1.0.224
OS: Linux (ubuntu 18.04)
Previous device: MacBook pro 2016 (version I don’t know as I’ve no access to that device)
Sync: Dropbox

Another instance is on android device (v1.0.333)


I recently changed my laptop and installed Joplin on new one but when I try to open any notes all files are listed as “Encrypted”. When I tried to open any file by clicking on it nothing happened.

I went to settings -> encryption and tried disabling and enabling encryption but now I have two master keys

Also, I’ve forgot my previous master key password, now the question is how can I access my hundreds of Joplin files.

This is urgent, any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

on my mobile device everything is opening but not on desktop.

Normally, you have to wait until the master key is downloaded into your device, then enter its password and wait for decryption.

If you forget your password, you can’t get your notes back, I think.

If you still have a device where they’re stored, you could export them (if supported on that device) or maybe re-upload them unencrypted, by turning off the encryption on that device and syncing. Better check the docs and make backups before you attempt that, though.

I might be wrong but I think the database is not encrypted so it’s possible to get notes from there. Maybe the key as well.

No I don’t have older device with me anymore

and I can’t remember my password it’s been more than a year.

Which means my hundreds of notes are garbage now?

I’ve also tried syncing all notes from android device (after diabling encryption) and then pulling them on my laptop but still no success.

Notes are visible on android device. Any help on this side

Probably the easiest (albeit most time consuming) option will be for you to export your notes one by one into another app. You can use the android share functionality to do this.

If you’re comfortable doing more advanced stuff then you might be able to access the database using android debug tools, but I’m not sure about that.

Really your best bet would be to either get access to your old device or remember the password.


If your notes are Android, there’s a button “Export profile” in the config screen. You can use that, then you can open this profile from the desktop app.


I’ve just enabled E2EE, opened my test database, and managed to find not only my notes unencrypted in the database but also the password I entered:

Maybe that’d work for you too.

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Yay! this worked for me. From Android I exported the profile and replaced desktop database with exported one.

Thanks a lot @laurent and all of you for being very supportive.

heading towards donations page now :wink: