(headless) export notebook to static website?

I want to have a public copy of a particular notebook (with subnotebooks and notes) as a website. Ideally generated after each edit of that notebook or from crontab. It would be something like static website generator where for example I could add my own CSS3.

Any ideas?

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It can be achieved, and it is not particularly troublesome in nature.This is especially true if it is based on an existing static generator such as hexo, but the key question is - who is the target user?I can simply implement a nodejs-cli tool to export specified notes into a static website, but I am not sure how long it will take to make a user-friendly and completely visual interface…

This has already been mentioned: Any suggestions on what plugins could be created?

Idea of re-using any existing static generator is cool, as we have sorted templating etc. In my case a user-friendly or even any visual interface is not required, a working script with an example would be sufficient.

Well, as far as the current joplin api is concerned, this is impossible. The reason is that the content of the notes cannot be obtained through the web service. Refer to: https://joplinapp.org/api/#get-notes-id, maybe thisShould be @laurent

You can actually by setting the field param: /notes/:id?fields=id,title,body Is that what you mean?

Yes, but the documentation for this api parameter is here…?

Well, I found it, but didn’t notice it…My fault

I just read a post on here, I can't find quickly that suggested an export to .MD documents and us mkdocs as a static website builder. there are already themes like readthedoc available.

You can script a cron job to do the lifting and produce a neat website from your Notes or a subset thereof.

I just started using it an it works like a charm