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Export-To-SSG Plugin

Hello Everyone, I have released export-to-ssg plugin.

This plugin allows you to export a set of notes under a notebook to a static site generator project. So now you can create content for your website as notes in notebook in joplin and then export it from here using this plugin to desired static site generator out of HUGO , GATSBY , JEKYLL.Please read it's README.md before using it -


#Everyone is contributor -

I have made UX and feature according to myself right now :upside_down_face:. It can create a great workflow for creating static sites as joplin is itself a powerful editor for creating notes in markdown.

Joplin[ Create content as notes ] -----Export-----> SSG Project ---------> Website

So it will be more better if user themselves provide suggestion for UX and feature how they want to leverage this plugin.


May I suggest to give it a proper name like Export to SSG? (You only have to change the name field in the manifest.json.)

The current name looks a bit weird (rather fitting for a script name):

Also, can you please add a homepage_url and a repository_url to the manifest.json?

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All d :upside_down_face: ne.

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Great, thanks. One small issue though. You also have to change the version in the manifest.json. Right now the git tag says 1.0.2 but the manifest says 1.0.0.

P.S.: Cool plugin!

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Thanks. Version is updated in manifest.json

For the future: This has to be done before you publish to npm. These 2 versions should match. So, if you publish version x.y.z to npm, you set version x.y.z in manifest.json, then in package.json and then you publish to npm.

Right now your plugin shows up as 1.0.0:


Okay, I will keep this in mind for the next time and I will match everything in the next patch. This was my first time releasing the npm package :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:. But now I have read about semantic versioning from npm docs.

Now I have done this thing with v1.0.3 is it done now @tessus .

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