GSoC2020 - Declaring my interest to contribute to Joplin (Desktop) Electron Codebase

Hello everyone, My name is Ogheneruno Peter-Saduwa and i am a final year student of the Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Nigeria. I’m a proficient JavaScript Developer with a focus in building modern web applications with React.js and Node.js Frameworks.

I would love to join the Joplin Community because i am convinced within myself that this is the right project to contribute to for GSoC, i specifically want to contribute to the DESKTOP VERSION OF JOPLIN. i have scanned through the list of ideas and i particularly like the “OCR support” idea.

I am presently trying to build the electron project on my Windows 10 OS and the instructions on the documentation is not quite clear, but should in case i run into any error, i will reach out. cheers.

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Welcome. The build instructions in the Readme are definitely a bit obtuse but if you open the file in Joplin’s root directory, you should be good to go. I would highly recommend checking out the Chocolatey package manager for Windows if you are missing any software required to build Joplin.

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Thank You, i have followed all the instructions in the file but i’m getting some errors. i will checkout Chocolatey, but if the problem persist then expect me in some minutes.

So others are able to help you, i would highly recommend pasting your errors here using the > tag in front of them so it’s readable to us.

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Hi @Runo-saduwa, welcome here, and thanks for your interest in the project!

We try to make the doc as easy to use as possible but if something is not clear, feel free to let us know what.

Note that Windows is not always the easiest development environment to work with. In general, for Joplin, I’d recommend to only use a Command terminal running as administrator as this is where you’ll get the best performance and less errors. Don’t use WSL for building or running the app unless you really know what you’re doing.