Seamless desktop application updates

Hi everyone, my name is kamal nd I am a full stack developer nd mainly work with typescript nd react.

Till now i had been trying to contribute to electron so yep :slightly_smiling_face: hv a nice idea about how it works :briefcase:

Project 2 matched my stack nd m interested to contribute in it.

Please guide me CalebJohn

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@CalebJohn this is my github link-> legendarykamal (Kamal Nayan) ยท GitHub ,
m looking to explore joplin 's codebase :star:

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@CalebJohn I needed some idea of how we will be doing this task

The installer should be automatically downloaded in the background.

What tech we ll be using?

Hi @Kamal_gsoc22, please take a look at the GitHub page to get an idea of the tech Joplin uses.

The Joplin website also has information about GSoC 2022.

Thanks for replying nd ya I have checked the codebase , and found it quite familiar.

But I was asking about this Proj 2. Seamless desktop application updates .....
Where can i find the code regarding the installer?

There is none (yet)

Joplin uses electron-builder

Here are some related files in Joplin

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Update ->>
Ok so @CalebJohn yest whole day nd today too m looking to work on some issues, seeing bugs, PR's , reading code nd setting up nd moon :crescent_moon: came in :joy:

Hi @CalebJohn how are you?

I wanted to ask ,
While I am still working on some issues but the deadline is coming closer so Where should I submit my proposal for review.

Please provide your email or something where I could send you !

You should submit your proposal on the gsoc website.

ok so will I be able to make changes upon then ? based on mentor's feedback?

Yes, up until the deadline

@roman_r_m @CalebJohn is there any project template to follow?

For the proposal? We don't require you use any particular template.
If you want one, I'm sure you can find something online.

Ok I am working on it .

Hi @CalebJohn @roman_r_m @Daeraxa
I have submitted my proposal for review .
Please tell me if any changes is needed , will be happy to modify it to make optimum :slight_smile:

Also m still working on some more issues.

Hello @laurent ,

Please take a minute to review my proposal ,I have submitted it yesterday.

I will love to hear your and all other mentor's feedback. :smiley:

There aren't many technical details in your proposal.
You mention electron builder but have you done any research to confirm it can help with app updates? It was not clear to me from your proposal

Hi thanks for pointing it out @roman_r_m I have updated it with a subtopic of How I plan to Accomplish the task? which has an extensive info of all the technical details related to it .
Please take a min to read.

@CalebJohn it would be nice if you could read it , I still have some time left so will modify any changes if u want, although I have explained quite in detail. :smiley:

You keep mentioning electron-builder but in fact looks like it's electron-updater that does the main job here.
Also a minor thing, but you don't need that many font styles and colours.