Gsoc Introduction - Shriom Tyagi

Hii Everyone, I m Shriom Tyagi

I have a decent experience in web development with React, React Native, Node, Express, and also done many projects in same.
I’d like to participate in GSOC2020 under Joplin and look forward to actively contribute to the project through idea - 6. Password-protected notes and idea 9. Custom keyboard shortcuts .
I know i am very late, but I will try my best with the time i have.

Hello, @PackElend I would like to Work on the idea Password-protected notes. I just go through the code and try to solve the issue related to it.
But could you please elaborate more about the idea.

Are We apply the password for all the platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS?

see the corresponding topic, a lot of discussion is ongoing there

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@PackElend i am here