Ashutosh - GSOC 2020 Introduction

Hey Everyone at Joplin

I’m Ashutosh Kumar from Delhi NCR, India. I am pursuing my (Computer Science) and I am always more intrigued for putting something to the Open Source Community.
I used Joplin and it seems to be very smooth and thus I feel working for Jobling this year will be a great boost to my career.
I’ve been indulged in web development for approximately 2.5 years now and have contributed to various open-source projects. I am working with various Javascript, nodeJS TypeScipt, ExpressJS, React Native, React and Bootstrap at the core.

I’ve gone through the project ideas list and I feel they are pretty engaging, but the project Password-protected notes caught my eye. Looking forward to hearing some words from the mentors.

Ashutosh Kumar

@raxraj welcome to Joplin community, I’m also a potential GSOC student, I’ll advice that you quickly go ahead in making your plans on how to execute this idea while waiting till you hear from mentors, try to build the project locally and look at the GitHub issues tracker to better familiarize yourself with the codebase

if you need help when it get to something like Encryption in Nextcloud – Nextcloud, speak out loud, we have folks from nextcloud here

btw. @Runo-saduwa, thx for helping us out here, it is highly appreciated!

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