Password Protected Notes gsoc-2020

I would like to implement note to be encrypted by the password have some question regarding that

  1. Is this future support for web and desktop app also (want to work on react-native)
    2 Is password recoverable here @PackElend @laurent
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Hi, normally we’d expect you work on a small issue first.

Not able to find small issue related to react-native so i thought lets solve something interesting from scratch.

Password protected note is a very complex project, which you’ll have to solve for desktop, mobile and cli (since they all sync with each others).

i don’t think so single person can solve it in 3 months it include lots of state management and complexity.

It’s complex but I think it can be done within this time.

Sound challenging :slightly_smiling_face: i think we have to start early.
is code base is same to all env like code structure and database..? (i just explored react native)
We need to figure out initial design that suite to all clients.

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Student projects start in the middle of May - that’s the coding part. Until then, there are proposals, selection of projects, …