GSoC Idea:Update Spell checker

Hello, I notice that although Joplin support Chinese, it doesn't support Chinese in Spell checker. Coincidently, I'm a student from China, so I think I can update the language about Spll checker so that it can support chinese. Could you please give me some suggestions? Thank you very much!!!


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This is a good idea.
Joplin uses the built in electron spellchecker. It's surprising to me that there are major languages missing from the built-in spellchecker, but it's evidently true.

Indeed that's strange. I can see Korean and Hebrew for example but not Chinese or Japanese. Perhaps it depends on the operating system - like if the OS is entirely in Japanese or Chinese then the relevant entries would show up in the list?

Yes In that case we should add a feature to install 3rd party extensions like Grammarly for spell check and grammatical errors. I am going to propose the same in my gsoc proposal too.

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