GSoC idea - Collaboration via Nextcloud

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As of the moment, I’m writing this, the idea’s description of is:

We need a way to share notes with other users, and to collaborate on notes. This is useful for companies, to collaborate on projects for example, but also for individual users when they want to share their notes with other people.

The basis for this would be the Joplin Web API for Nextcloud, which is currently used to share a note publicly, and which can be extended for other uses.

The main feature we would like to see is the ability to select a Nextcloud user from the app, then share a note with him or her. Once the note is shared, it will appear in the Joplin clients of the other user (via sync). The solution should be generic enough that it can later be used to share a whole notebook.

Expected Outcome: The user should be able to select a Nextcloud user then share a note with them. That note should then appear in the other user’s Joplin clients.

Difficulty Level: High
Platforms: Desktop and/or mobile (at the student’s choice)
Skills Required: JavaScript; React; React Native (for mobile)
Potential Mentor(s): Roeland Jago Douma, laurent22
More info: Forum thread about Joplin Web API for Nextcloud

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