Goto Anything: why TITLE result is so low on list?

Hi all!
I get that the Goto Anything command is meant to be powerful and flexible. However, when we type the precise title of a particular note, we usually expect it to be the first result. So why this behaviour? I think if the found string or pieces are on the note title, it should be given priority. Please see:


You have to explain your concern a little better, I am afraid.

I thought it was pretty clear. He's asking why exact or partially exact title matches aren't higher in the results than merely similar titles.

Which version?

It might be a little confusing because it's all just numbers in the example. Also, it's not clear why the other items are turning up in the results at all since they are blurred out.

Sorry, I forgot to mention:

Joplin 2.12.19 (prod, win32)

Client ID: aed0e7bb27974a1a928714f1d929cfcf
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 43
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: 7081046

Automatic Backlinks to note: 3.0.3
Copy Code Blocks: 1.0.0
Favorites: 1.3.0
Note Statistics: 1.0.4
Note Tabs: 1.4.0
Quick Move: 1.1.0
Remove Images: 0.0.2
Simple Backup: 1.3.3
Tag Links: 0.1.0
Templates: 2.4.0

@ajay and @whitewall sorry, I see I could have written better.
I'm talking about a notebook of date-based notes. So there is the notebook for the year 2023, and up to 12 notes in it, one for each month. So yes, in the case of this particular notebook, the notes are named just like "2023 11", "2023 10", and so on.
In the case I used the screenshot, I meant to "goto" (instantly) to the "2023 07" note, which, naturally, has been a while since it was created and maybe last modified, but, by typing "2023 07" on the goto anything bar (Ctrl+P), I expected Joplin to find the note with the title equals to "2023 07" first, since searching by note title is, imvho, the most intuitive way.

I don''t have time to test it, but I think the problem is related to the search term with a space in the middle. Study how "search" works, to be found on the Joplin website, it may help.

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Order has been improved in 2.13 (previously it was pretty much random) so that might help. I've noticed that it's indeed better now