Strange "Goto Anything" behavior

I am on the 1.0.201 version but for me the Ctrl-G Goto Anything improvement is not working out so well.

I was used to quickly go to a specific note with Ctrl-G “p” “a” “enter” and it already had found it. Now chooses the 16th entry down the list to open – where the note I need is Number 1 on top of the list. Can we roll back this functionality?

OS is Windows 10.

This is the topic for version 1.0.200 and not 1.0.201. What improvement are you talking about?

I know, but I could not find a topic about the 1.0.201 release.

The first improvement of 201 was the Goto Anything feature (without pull #number):

@laurent22 laurent22 released this 7 days ago
Improved: Search in title and body by default when using Goto Anything

It made it nicer to look at, but looses the great functionality of quickly switching to a note, because it lost its smart guessing. That is why I use Ctrl-G.

There’s no PR number, because Laurent made the change without creating a PR.

I was not very fond of that either, but Laurent mentioned that the title results will be on top and only then results for the body are listed.

But I agree, using / for searching the body was better.

Thank you Helmut,

But the strange thing is on ‘enter’ it is not choosing the top item, but the number 16 down in the list, i needed to scroll to find it. And it is choosing this note everytime.

Also the by default would indicate there is a setting to undo that extra searching in body, but could not find a setting for this anywhere to shut it down.

Sounds like a bug.

The default means that no additional search character is necessary. No option.

I really hope Laurent reconsiders and reverts that change.

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@laurent Can you please tell us about your motivation for this change. Maybe I’m missing something here, thus I don’t really understand why this was necessary.

You very well might have a good reason, but I don’t see it - not yet. (Thus my question.)

We already have a global search that does that. The Goto Anything was my way to search for something in a specific area: title, notebook, tag, and finally body.

There are several use cases were I either want to use the Goto Anything popup and only search in title or body. The change removed that functionality and just copies the functionality of the global search.

Any chance that this could be reverted? I just don’t see a good reason for the current behavior, but maybe I’m totally off. I don’t know.

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I wonder if it could be changed like so:

  • By default, search title only (like before)
  • With /, search within title AND body

That way there’s a quick way to search by title and a more advanced way to search in title and body. The thing is, sometime you don’t know if the keyword is in title or body so it’s good to have a way to do that, but maybe that shouldn’t be the default. What do you guys think?

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Yes, this would be better IMO.

Another option (but not really necessary):

  • By default, search title only (like before)
  • With / , search within body
  • With % , search within title AND body