Search result order

Text searches produce results that are listed in random ways. With Evernote the most recent notes where always at the top. Usually, I want to edit something I modified today. But things that are years old pop up first in the search results list. This makes finding things hard. What can be done about this?


In the View menu there is an option “Sort notes by” where you can choose to sort the list by updated date, created date, or title.

However I see that search results don’t seem to obey this setting.

Not sure if it’s a bug.

This menu is for sorting of notes, not for sorting the search result.

I would also find having search results sorted in descending date order very useful.

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I agree. It is not clear how the search results are ordered. When there are many search results, then working through them is easier if the user can order them in some way. I have found the note I am looking looking for is usually one I modified most recently. Notes for the current project are updated again and again and therefore have the most recent modify dates. Having used Evernote, I notice (only afterwards as it turns out) that Evernote allows this and it is very helpful. Joplin is my preferred software now but it still has some sharp edges that need work.

Just for info the FAQ regarding searching states,

Notes are sorted by "relevance". Currently it means the notes that contain the requested terms the most times are on top. For queries with multiple terms, it also matters how close to each other the terms are. This is a bit experimental so if you notice a search query that returns unexpected results, please report it in the forum, providing as many details as possible to replicate the issue.

It does not solve your particular issue but it does explain what Joplin is doing.



Me too, I found this option very useful! When searching always I have random sort order and don’t like this situation. Would be nice that the search result to be sorted descending in the order of last edited notes.

I would love a way to sort searches based on the same options offered for notes and notebooks, in addition to the current "relevance" magic. I was hoping to use tags as a way to generate "views" into my notebooks and subnotebooks -- for example, "notebook:work tag:urgent" to aggregate urgent tasks across all subnotebooks within "work". However, my note naming convention for urgency relies on sorting by Title and Reverse sort order. Works great in individual notebooks, but since I cannot apply a similar sort to the search query, tags cannot provide the aggregate view required by this setup.

Was this ever added? - A way to sort search results by date order? I find the current relevance sorting order to be of very little use.