"Goto Anything..." should return folder names

I am using folders and subfolders as Goals to be enacted. A Goal Folder contains the tasks that are required to meet that goal. One of my subfolders is "20200323 Tuesday" and the tasks/notes contained within that folder are my current focus for that day.

If I have no To-dos nor Notes that contain the text "Tuesday",
then performing a "Goto Anything..." op on "Tuesday" does not return a link to that folder. Is it the purpose of Goto Anything to only result in notes, as indicated on the help? The search bar also does not return hits on folder names (I'm not sure if the search bar is the same as GoTo Anything).

I suggest either
(1) renaming "Goto Anything..." to properly reflect the fact that it does not go to folders, or
(2) add functionality to add folder hits on queries to the returned result set.

Thanks. I'm enjoying this app. :slight_smile:
// Mark

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click the question mark and you'll get your answers :wink:

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