Force resync - A possible albeit late GSoC idea?


I've searched this category and github, but couldn't find anything like that.

Yesterday I had an issue where my Joplin instances became out of sync. The reason probably was that I closed my laptop too fast before switching to my PC. Nextcloud synced all files, but Joplin got confused by timestamps. At least that's my understanding of it. See here:

I had to touch * in the ~/Nextcloud/Joplin folder and that (after a full resync) seemed to have fixed the issue. This simple fix took IMHO far too long to find and while I had the patience and tech skills to use it, more casual users may not.

So, how about some button that would do the same thing? Stupid things can happen, the users' sync tool of choice may glitch out, something else may crash etc. Also: Windows users may not have access to touch, I'm not sure here.

The way I see it, Joplin would display a warning, that this would cause a full resync of all notes, which may take time on bigger installations. Also, the user may get hit by throttling by the cloud provider ('cause Joplin creates thousands of small files).

What do you think?


Makes sense to me.
(Regarding throttling, it may not be an issue, as we’re mostly talking about Joplin re-importing from the local file system sync. At least that is what touch * triggers as far as I understand.)

I can only support a "full resync" option. I encountered an issue with the joplin server where I incorrectly setup something in docker and now I need to do a full resync on all clients. Only, that isn't possible apparently. I have to export all notes apparently and then reimport them all in 1 client.
The stupid thing is that that when I try to sync, the joplin desktop says that a resync is required. It just doesn't do it.