Weird Font Issue, Joplin Unusable

OS: Arch Linux 5.16.10
Joplin: 2.6.10

I have just launched Joplin today after several weeks of using it with no issues, and have found that something strange has happened. It feels like a font may be missing.

Markdown view is completely blank, and it seems like the font used throughout the app has fallen back to a different font. This has also affected icons, with many icons missing completely. See screenshot below:
(It won't let me upload the image for some reason so I added an imgur link).

http:// i.imgur. c om/ EhOkUbf.png

I think the fix for this may be as simple as installing a certain font, but maybe someone here can advise?

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Does the behaviour persist if you switch to the light theme? does safe mode make any difference?

Just as an fyi for everyone, if you enclose your link in backticks ` you can include it in a post.

Have you made any changes to your userchrome.css file?

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Behaviour does persist in light mode, no changes made to any css files. I literally just loaded up the app and it was like this. Makes me think it is something external like a font that was changed by an update or something?

Have you tried changing the font?

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