Folder usage improvements - search, create, and move

There doesn’t seem to be a way to search the tree for specific notebooks today, which would be useful.

There’s also no way to easily move (except for drag-drop) a sub-notebook into another sub-notebook in a different tree - which is a pain when they’re separated by a dense notebook structure. Would help to have a similar option for noteboks as there is for notes today.

Would be helpful to have a ‘Create Notebook’ option in the ‘Move Note’ dialog as well.


Very good advice, support

This I believe will be a part of the much enhanced search feature being developed now

I think what they are looking for is already possible with Command-G (Goto anything) search by searching @Notebook name. Not sure what else is coming in the enhanced search, wonder if GoTo is going away?

I like your ideas for move, that is how it works in mobile today. I agree, having a "create new" from right in that list would make sense.

Going by the reports that have been released. a filter system, maybe some boolean connectives and a better search and fuzzy search algorithm.

I think what they want is to search the notes in a particular folder (a subtree), not just to go to the folder. The problem is that there is currently no way to restrict the scope of the search.

In the new syntax, we’ll have a filter called notebook: for this purpose.

	│   │
	│   │
	│   └───notebook111
	│       │
	│       │   ...

notebook:notebook11 hello world

This will search for notes with words ‘hello’ and ‘world’ inside notebook11 and its subnotebooks (notebook111).


Thanks for clarifying. Very cool! That will be a great addition.

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