Function request: Search results by notebook

Problem: you can only use the "notebook" command to search in a specific notebook. If the hierarchy of notebooks is complex, for example, when there are sub notebooks with the same name under different notebooks, it is troublesome to find the desired results in the search results, and you even need to use the "notebook" command for multiple searches.

It is suggested that the search results can be "displayed by notebook" and "displayed by relevance", and the two modes can be switched

I use Chinese English translation. If it causes your misunderstanding, please understand. thank you


An easy to implement suggestion:
When "all notes" is selected, all search results are displayed according to relevance. When a notebook is selected, the search results in that notebook are displayed.
In this way, there is no need to modify the software interface, just optimize the search logic.

When searching, click the notebook without clearing the search results, which is an easy to implement scheme. It is more friendly to ordinary users and can find the search results in the desired notebook without using complex search commands

@laurent an you consider this proposal? thank you