Idea: Quick search within notebook

It would be great to be able to right click a notebook name (e.g. Books) and choose "Search in notebook" from the popup menu. Clicking this would prepopulate the search box to say "notebook:Books " and put your cursor in the box.


good suggestion.

If you want to search the current notebook, but do not include the sub-notebooks, how do you achieve it?

The following is my suggestion. Everyone puts forward more opinions. I hope that developers can implement it. Thank you.

Selecting a notebook and performing a search, searches globally.
This seems counterintuitive to me.
Would it be better to select:
"all notes" in the sidebar to search globally
"a notebook" in the sidebar to search a folder and its sub-notebooks.
"a sub-notebook" in the sidebar to search just the sub-notebook.
"right-click a notebook name and choose search in this notebook only from the popup menu" to search the currently highlighted notebook only.

Good idea, I will try to implement it in vscode plugin

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Completed: Joplin-vscode-plugin roadmap - #64 by rxliuli