Floating Keyboard on iPadOS

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Joplin v12.9.2 on iPadOS v16.3.1

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iPadOS beta editor, opted-in for spell checking, but... This appears to be irrelevant.

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As noted above, iPadOS v16.3.1

I've been a long-time user on Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, and Android, but I'm new to the iPad (I just acquired one this week for testing).

I'm finding on iPad that the app's behavior with the floating keyboard is not what I would expect. Specifically,

  • If I move the floating keyboard away from the lower left corner, the editor "scrunches" to the top of the screen, effectively rendering the editor (and the whole app, for that matter) unusable.
  • If I've been using the floating keyboard in another app (e.g., to enter a URL into Safari), and then launch Joplin, the notes list is "scrunched" to the top of the screen, rendering the app unusable.

These behaviors are consistent regardless of whether I use the beta editor or not.

These issues go away if I use the docked keyboard exclusively.

Is this a known issue? Or is this a user error?

See App Moves Entire UI to the Top After Editing A Note · Issue #7640 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

Spellcheck should also be fixed in the beta editor in the next release.

Perfect, thank you!

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