Fixing tablet design

I am Sai Prachodhan Devulapalli Electrical engineering undergraduate at IITH. I am good at Full stack development as well as python. I am a beginner to contribute on open source. Before this, I have completed Hacktoberfest 2022. I am interested in Fixing Tablet design and also some Github issues like Issue no:6202 related UI/UX design.


you submitted a proposal but I don't see any activities on GitHub.
Is there any reason for this?

I am trying to understand code but not getting how to do something and had been busy with end sem exams acad stuff. I would definitely contribute something until 19th

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Hello, sir. I got some free time now and want to contribute to some issues. For setting up development environment I have cloned that repo and after that what should I do to visualise and can you please share instructions (if any) how to contribute and setup development environment?

All the instructions on how to build the apps are here - joplin/ at dev · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

A link to this was provided as part of the GSoC guidance which I assume you have read?

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