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Introduction GSoC-2021 @coderrsid

Hey everyone, specially @laurent @CalebJohn @tessus . I also made a proposal last year but couldn't be selected. I hope this year i'd be able to propose a better and creative solution from the past year. Anyways for people doesn't know me, I'm Siddhant Sehgal, currently pursuing Computer Science engineering and presently in last year of my bachelors. I have keen interest in web and cross platform android app.

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welcome back how do you get along?
Codebase should be somehow familiar to you, should it?

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Hey @PackElend, yeah yeah absolutely. I see some changes but most of it is familiar. Working on new issues too to get a full hang of it. Feels nice to be back in community and i look forward to stay. Thanks

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There was some review of your previous work. We still see that you the right attitude overall, but there are some concerns that your technical skills were sufficient back then.
Make sure that, if you go for your PR, show evidence that this changed by nice and clean PR ;).

Yes, absolutely @PackElend . I'll be surely creating PR's in which reviewers will not have to do any efforts or stuff.