GSoC Introduction- Rupesh

Hi Everyone! @laurent @CalebJohn
I am Rupesh Kumar, Pursuing my Computer Science Engineering from Lovely Professional University(India) with Android Specialization. I have four years of experience in Android Development and I want to contribute a new Idea. Basically an Android IDE for Android Development with Design View ( for drag and drop widgets such as text view, layouts etc), The IDE will be an Android app creator and designer. I would like to ask the possible mentors that if new idea proposals are acceptable? I have firm understanding of APK Creation and I wish to work on this new project for Joplin. Need Feedback to create proposal accordingly.
Thanks and Regards!

Hi Rupesh,

Is it possible that you’ve posted on the wrong project? Joplin is a note taking application. We will accept proposal ideas, but only as long as they still relate to Joplin. I’m afraid your proposal would not be accepted.

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Okay, I was confirming if new ideas were acceptable which are other than Joplin. Now I got it. Thanks for the response Caleb John

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