Fist time OCR - end up with 2000 "conflict (attachments)" notebook

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What issue do you have?

I have two devices (office and home) - synced with my nextcloud.
So I started on my office pc to update to 2.14.19 and checked "OCR" setting so it started to ocr all my attachments.
But after several hours I had to leave the office and shut down joplin (ocr status was at around 4000/7000 attachments processed at that stage).
So I think all those already ocr'ed notes got already synced with my nextcloud?

At home I did the same and updated joplin to 2.14.19 - the ocr setting was checked already (from 2.14.17 version which had the bug that ocr didn't work for germans).
So at home pc joplin started to sync as usual and at the same time began to ocr all my attachments (again? those already ocr'ed 4000 notes from office pc?).

Long story short I let the home pc do its work and after about one day of ocr'ing it was finished. I hope it is finish because it said 7301 attachments and 'stopped' at 6037 (see screenshot).

I have now a new "Conflict (attachments)" notebook with 2116 entries/attachments in it.

What should I do now?

I can't diff them because these are 2116 attachments and not notes so nothing happens after right clicking it (no conflict context menu there from the plugin).



Do you sometimes edit resources? For example editing an Excel file that is saved back to the note?

If not, you can simply delete this folder and let it sync to completion.

If you occasionally make changes to resources, I would suggest right-clicking on the notebook, exporting it as JEX, and then deleting it. That way if it turns out you still needed one of these files you can find it back there.

What happened it that your first desktop app OCRed the resources then uploaded some of the data. Then the second desktop app OCRred the resources again (the same ones), and when it tried to sync it found that the resources metadata had been modified by the other app, which is a conflict. So that's why I suggest simply deleting the whole folder - it's just work that has already been done so it can be ignored.

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Editing resources? No

So it is like I thought "doubled ocr'ed attachment" and I can simply delete that notebook, thanks.

Btw. is there a way I can see which text joplin has fetched from an attachment (ocr)?

And I don't know if this has anything todo with the latest version 2.14.19 and/or OCR but after opening joplin today I got a message at top that my sync password and master password were not filled in? That was a little strange!? I've added them again, everything is ok, but I don't know what caused that removal of those passwords...

The latest version improves how you're notified about issues with encryption, so probably the keys were already missing before but the app never displayed any banner.

Hm, they were in in the past... so something must have deleted it, regardless when this happened. But whatever I've put it back in and everything is working :+1:

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